Specialty Glass Products

  1. Non-glare - is a type of picture glass that is typically used for art work and picture frames. One or both surfaces are acid etched to cut reflection and glare.

  2. Conservation - (UV) is a type of picture glass with an ultraviolet (UV) coating that reduces fading caused by ultraviolet light rays. It is typically used for art work and picture frames. Conservation non-glare glass is also available.

  3. Restoration - (antique, colonial, hand blown) is a reproduction glass typically imported from Europe which is made in the same manner as mouth blown or hand blown glass was made in earlier centuries. One type with heavy distortion is representative of the 1600 -1700's era, and the other with light seeds and distortion is representative of the 1800 -1900's era. Thickness, distortion and sheet size are irregular, and it can not be tempered. Surface scratches, gouges, rubs, seeds and imperfections may be visible.

  4. Robax - is typically 3/16" thick is used for heat resistant applications such as wood stoves, fireplaces, gas grills, oven doors and halogen lights. It has a normal service temperature of approximately 1300 degrees and an extreme service temperature of about 1500 degrees. Other related products include Borosilicate (pyrex) which is commonly used for oven ware and has a normal service temperature of 500 degrees.

  5. Low Iron - is a premier ultra-clear glass with visible light transmittance of approximately 91% regardless of thickness. There is no visible green tint when looking through the glass. The edge of the glass will always have a green tint unless the piece is very small, i.e. 6" x 6".

  6. Fire Rated - is typically available in standard grade or premium grade, which refers to the surface finish of the product. Standard grade is unpolished and has slight distortion and waviness when viewed through the glass, while premium is polished on both sides with virtually no distortion. In areas where safety glazing is required, an impact safety rated surface applied 3M film or laminated 5/16" thick unit can be used. More expensive fire rated glazing that also provides protection against radiant and conductive heat transfer is available depending upon the required fire rating which ranges up to 120 minutes.

  7. Anti-reflective - is a glass that has a special coating to reduce window glare for architectural applications.

  8. Self-cleaning - (more accurately "low maintenance"), is a glass with a coating to the building exterior that absorbs UV light. This causes a reaction on the surface of the glass which breaks down and loosens dirt that is on the glass. Rain water will then wash the dirt away. The coating provides a sheeting action so that water droplets do not dry on the glass. It will not work inside a building.

  9. Slumped - is a decorative glass created by a kiln fired process where the glass sags or slumps down into hand made molds embossing the pattern from the mold into the glass. The glass can then be tempered or mirrored. Designs, textures and patterns are practically unlimited.

  10. Switchable privacy - is a glass that typically applies electricity to realign LED crystals within the glass so that the appearance of the glass changes from clear to obscure and vice versa.

  11. X-Ray - (radiation shielding) is a glass impregnated with lead to provide vision panels while protecting the operator in the vicinity of an X-ray machine.