Peddlers VillageStorefront

We provide a wide range of aluminum framing systems to meet your needs. Aluminum entrances, windows, storefront, cutainwall and glass entrances are all available in a multitude of configurations and profiles, limited only by the windload and deadload considerations of the particular system. Standard anodized finishes include silver (clear), dark bronze, medium bronze, champagne, white and black are the most cost effective. Custom painted finishes are available in a rainbow of colors. Most systems can also be custom clad with stainless steel or other metals to achieve the high end look you desire. Thermally broken aluminum frame members provide an energy efficient alternative with long term cost saving benefits. Glass options range from 1/4" single pane glass to 1" insulated glass as well as low-e, tinted, and reflective products.

We work with designers, architects, contractors, and homeowners from conceptual design through engineering, final production and installation. We have the expertise and knowledge to guide you through the process, and the vision to create a design that is tailored to fit your project’s budget and design goals.


You can also look at our Storefront Gallery for possible ideas for your next project.